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Advantages of Online Ordering:

You ensure availability in British Pounds GBP.

Upon receiving your order we will make sure the next working day your currency is available.

You save time by choosing the pick-up store.

You can choose the store closest to you in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Flag Code Name Buy Price Sell Price
USD United States Dollar 1.1162 1.0792
GBP United Kingdom Pound 0.8613 0.8327
CHF Switzerland Franc 1.0088 0.9552
JPY Japan Yen 178.9205 169.4126
BGN Bulgaria Lev 2.0692 1.8678
CZK Czech Republic Koruna 26.6081 23.8205
HUF Hungarian Forint 411.495 364.467
PLN Poland Zloty 4.4675 3.957
TRY Turkey Lira 36.685 32.549
AUD Australia Dollar 1.6639 1.5754
CAD canada dollar 1.5353 1.4537
CNY China Yuan Renminbi 8.4513 7.2665
HKD Hong Kong Dollar 9.2671 8.0768
SGD Singapore Dollar 1.5939 1.3892

Is it a good time to buy British Pounds?

As the exchange rate increases, there are more pounds per euro.

As the exchange rate decreases, there are fewer pounds per euro.

The path of the chart illustrates whether today's exchange rate is favorable compared to the previous time period.

Valid predictions about the future formation of the exchange rate are not possible.

Why is the Conversion Rate different from the International Reference Rate?

The International Reference Exchange Rate is notified by the European Central Bank and acts as a base price for transactions between the two currencies.

Buying and Selling Foreign Exchange requires the involvement of people and processes that cost money.

The Conversion Rate is therefore adjusted to cover this cost.

We improve our processes and offer excellent exchange rates.

Is it better to buy British Pounds from Greece or use my card abroad?

Using your card abroad, either at ATMs to withdraw cash in local currency or at markets, incurs additional bank charges.

Furthermore, the exchange rate for the conversion is automatically set by the Bank, without you knowing the value of the currency in euros.

It is preferable, Well, to procure in British Pounds GBP, before you depart.

Frequent questions

How can I buy foreign exchange?

Complete your order online and collect your change from the store of your choice.

How much currency can I order?

You can order value exchange from 300 euro up to 1.000 euro.

How can I pay;

You can pay by cash or card at the nearest store.

When will my currency be available?

Your exchange will be available the next business day from the order.

Do I need a certificate for the transaction?

A valid certificate is required to complete the transaction (ID card, passport)

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